Not having a website for your business in this Modern digital era means simply you are do not exists in online world and you are losing all befits from this digital world. In today’s world almost any small business also need website to growth there business in this digital world. Still you are thinking about Why you need a Websitefor Your Business? Here few importance of having a website for business is listed to understand the Importance of Website.

Increase Visibility/ Audience 

By having a website you can increase your visibility and audience. By having a website means you don’t have limits to visibility of your website because you can have global presence and millions of people searches globally for their needs. Even people may hear you business/ product details they can research on web.


Through website you can access 24*7 and 365 days in year. There are no holidays and public holidays for your business, Because of your website your potential customers will contact any time and you can inform about your upcoming products and services.


Website is an identity face to your local and global business. Website is the basic forms of any business are company’s web presence in today’s business environment. It’s a branded identity to online presence.

To know about you and your Success

Your Website is most important to tell about yourself and your success stories, about your history and your business / products information and services, contact information.

           From Recent algorithm updates of major search engines, the rules to display the search results has been changed. Optimizing for geographical market to target local audience is most important for Small and medium business. Here you can find some tips and factors which will effect local search results.

What is Local SEO?

Optimizing the Business Website to local search results, people who search for local business services. Whether it may be any service/ business within the target of certain geographical area you need to focus on Local SEO.

Reasons to Optimize for Local SEO

•    Major Search Engines are displaying Location Data in SERP
•    People Includes City/Regions when searching for services on the Web

Difference between Organic and Local Search Results

    Most of Major search engines will display Local and Organic search results when you search for service/ business. Local search results will appear top of SERP and Organic search results will appear below the Local search results.

On Business Websites it’s most important to optimize Key elements to local search are

Meta Tags

    There are three Meta-tags to optimize for Local search results they are
i.    Meta-Title
ii.   Meta-Description
iii.  Meta-Keywords
Include the City/Region of service that you provide in all Meta tags and using the geographical target location in webpage content, use the contact page and about-us page as per your target location

Different Locations? Different landing pages

    If you are giving services in multiple locations use multiple landing pages for each and every location use individual landing page and optimize it for geographical targeted keywords.

Schema and Structured data

    Schema and Structured data new tools for optimizing website for local search results, by using schema and structured data, we can optimize web pages to special tags and the meta-description which will display in search result.

SEO Local Listings

    Submit your business Webpage to local listings such as yelp, foursquare and create local business pages in Google local business and other social media pages. Complete fill total information about your business Such as timings and working days, local contact number, etc.…

Encourage User Response and Review

    Encourage customer response to product/ service which you will provide and also encourage reviews of your services it may be good or bad, because no one is perfect when consumer see all good reviews it may something went wrong on your service

Blogging & Social Media

    Increase your activity on your social media business pages and blogs of your business page, Social media engage rate also most important to get appear in Search Result.


All the above SEO techniques to improve local SEO results of a business webpage, although there are many other advanced strategies and techniques to improve local business. These are simplest ways to improve Local business results when we compared to other.
To increase the Growth of a website you need to optimize your website more user friendly in various types, in order to research various platforms of a website you need spend more time on Website research. Here we have listed Some Digital Marketing tools, These tools are simplify the time consuming task to in order to identify the latest trends on their platforms and the relevant information what you need for a website. 

Site Explorer Tools

    These site explorer tools are used to track the complete information about your website like total inbound and out bound links to your website and total number of linking domains to your domain, Indexing of webpages and keyword rankings and top webpages in major search engines, Errors of a website and many more factors of a website will tracked here 

MOZ Open Site Explorer [https://moz.com/researchtools/ose]
Majestic Site Explorer [https://majestic.com]
Ahrefs Site Explorer [https://ahrefs.com]

Keyword Research Tools

    These tools are used for research the suitable keywords for a website and trending on a major search engine by the search of users. These keyword suggestions are used to get more organic traffic from search engines and to get better keyword position on search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…

Google Keyword Planner [https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner]
Word Stream’s keyword tool [http://www.wordstream.com/keywords]
Keyword Tool [http://keywordtool.io]

SEO Analysis

    These SEO Analysis tools are used to improve SEO results of a website and Errors of a website related to SEO Friendly website. By using these tools you can easily identify errors in your website and solutions for those errors are also suggest by these tools 

Seo Site Checkup [http://seositecheckup.com]
Lipperhey [https://www.lipperhey.com]
Traffic Travis [http://www.traffictravis.com]

Keyword Density

    These keyword density tools are used to find the density percentage off your keywords on any page of web. Keywords and its phase’s weight is most important to get Top Position in Search engines. 

SEO Book [http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword-density]
Keyword Analyzer [http://www.keywordanalyzer.org ]

Duplicate Content

    Duplicate content checking tools used to find the copy content from any webpage or to identify the unique articles from web. These tools will find similar duplicate content to Articles or webpage.

Plagiarism Checker [http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker]
Copy scape [http://www.copyscape.com ]
Plag Spotter [http://www.plagspotter.com]

Site Crawl ability

    These tools are help to crawl your website quickly through generating Sitemaps of website by submitting to major search engines like Google, Bing, etc…

Screaming Frog [http://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider]
Sitemap Generator [https://www.xml-sitemaps.com]

    All the above tools are free use tools to find errors of webpages in various platforms of a website. Get Affordable Digital Marketing Services for your website @ www.livws.com

What is Ecommerce?

Commonly E-Commerce is known as Electronic marketing. It’s a type of business module, which consists buying and selling products and services over electronic system by using internet.

Types of Ecommerce

•    B2B- Business to Business
•    B2C- Business to Customer
•    C2B- Customer to Business
•    C2C- Customer to Customer

Are you selling a products on your website? Before you going live your website, here few things you need to think about your ecommerce website, because ecommerce industry continuously growing up. The web is changing more quickly with emerging of new market trends. Here few most effective tips to increase your sells of your website and the check list to your ecommerce website. 

Web design & Development

Make sure your web site is responsive for all devices and keep it load as quickly as possible to give optimal experience to users.
Check thoroughly all your webpage
•    Home page
•    Landing page
•    Product listing page
•    Individual product page
•    Contact page
•    Terms & Policy page

Functionality of website

•    Page navigations
•    Product Category/ Subcategories
•    Accessibility
•    Compatibility
•    Links / Redirections
•    Performance


•    Meta Tags for all pages
•    Unique Product description
•    Optimized Images
•    Sitemap and Robots Execution
•    Usage of snippets
•    Product Comparison and Reviews


•    Social media integration
•    Social sharing for Products
•    Branding Pages and Blogs Creation


•    Payment Gateways
•    Product check outs
•    Wish list
•    Order conformation
•    Security Certificates

Why you need E-commerce website?

•    Digital market is faster than regular offline market
•    To access the global market
•    To increase visibility of your store
•    Allow customers to anywhere any time
•    Web influences almost half of offline market
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Web designing Technologies and Styles keep changing quickly, to improve online business you need to keep update your website with new technology and new styles, however it is a good time redesign a website, if your website is having a problem from any of these Symptoms. 

Is you’re CMS and technology is out of date?

    It is most important, the technology and Content management system you are using in your website is must be up to date for new technologies and new trends, because the Web World keep changing.

Is your Website is optimized for SEO?

    To get a better for your website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc… You need to optimize your website to SEO friendly. Make your website design and development under the rules of latest Search engine algorithms and using Meta tags for webpages, Navigation of a website to get better position in Major Search engines.

Does it Responsive for all devices?

Is your website is responding for all devices like Tablets, Mobile, Laptop, Etc… It is most important in these days because of the usage of small screen devices increase in now a days. Keep your website responsive to all devices.

Does your website is User Friendly?

    Make sure the functionality of a website and usability of a website must and should be user friendly.it makes website visitors to feel happy about your website.

Does your Business plan is change?

    If the plan of your business or goals of your website are changed? Then it must need to redesign your website on the bases of new Business plan.

Does it loading slowly?

    Website loading time will impact on your Search engine results and it will decrease potential visitors to a website, if the website lagging it’s better to redesign your website structure.

Does your website having low conversion and high bounce rate?

    What’s the result you are getting from your website, if you have low conversion and high bounce rate from your website then just think about the SEO and Redesign of a website only.

Is your website is integrated with Social media?

    Are you integrated your website to social media platforms and communities which you are using, If not why you are waiting make it integrate with your website. It will increase your website traffic and conversion rate. 

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SEO is keep changing dramatically, when we see 2014 Google announced many changes to their search algorithms, in other end its keep changing search results and organic search traffic. Now it’s time to build a new strategy plan for the year of SEO 2015, to improve our business and market. Before you start the plan for 2015, take a look on what trends in this year. Here we are listing some trends for the year of SEO 2015

Content is Still King

    How many times you may hear in digital marketing content is king? Well with changes in Google latest search engine algorithms also still content is king and long tail content may rule them all. Content marketing is still alive and focus on what your audience need and keywords in content is major factor, it will generate more profits to your business.

Be Responsible and be fast….

    We are talking about your website, is your website is Responsive? And what’s the load time of your Website? Google releases revolutionary aspects for small screen users like tablet and mobile users. If your website is not responsible for small screens don’t except better rank in search results, so be responsive for mobiles and be fast in website loading time.

Traditional links and be local

    To improve your search value in search engines, improve your local links like getting links from local directories and classifieds and etc… includes your address, phone numbers and Google local location to reach you, because to optimize your business to local areas it must important in the year of SEO2015.


Social media integration & Engaging

    Social media platforms and user engage rate like number of followers in each social media platform and the number of likes, shares, comments in posts is also important in latest SEO camping. Search engine algorithms are includes, social media factors to get better keyword rank in search engine.

Branded Marketing

    Mainly focus on branded marketing like brand mentions in everywhere and increase your links through more content like Creating Slides and Videos and visual content [Info graph] and use conventional content to readers. Build links from branded sites, use social media for sharing your content from every webpage. 

Negative SEO, off course any of your competitor my trying to down your rank from negative reviews and by using some other black hat techniques, so secure yourself from negative SEO. You can find SEO Services For your business Website For affordable price @ www.livws.com

What is webhosting?

    Webhosting is a type of internet hosting service which makes you a website available on World Wide Web to the users.

How Webhost will work?

    To access a website on the World Wide Web, you need a domain and Webhosting service which will access a website to all over world.

Types of Webhosting

Mainly Webhosting services in four types

Free hosting

    Websites which need lees disk space and bandwidth are preferable like personal websites, blogs.
•    No need to pay
•    Limited space and band width
•    Adds
•    Less customer support

Shared hosting

    Webserver with shared resources and software’s, preferable like small business websites.
•    Less price
•    Easy to use
•    Shared Resources
•    Less flexibility

VPS Hosting

    Web server with no sharing, but resources of server are shared. Preferable for business which are having more than single website
•    Cost Effective
•    Easily Upgradable
•    Some resources are shred [Ram, CPU]
•    Need technical knowledge

Dedicated Hosting

    Hosting server will not share with anyone, complete server will devotes to your websites, preferable for companies and large business.
•    Dedicated IP Address
•    Complete Admin Access
•    Expansive
•    Require high technical knowledge

What to look before choose a webhosting


    Check the location of server before you choose, because it will impact on search engine result to load quickly. Choose sever location on targeting country.

Customer Support

    Make sure that the service provider support through live chat, phone, email, ticketing system and make it available as 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week to support


    Choose the features which your website need
•    Disk space and band width
•    Number of email accounts
•    Database [MYSQL, Access]
•    Programing Languages [PHP, Asp, .Net]

Type of Control panel

    Control panel will manage your hosting and website. Make sure it is easy interface to use like CPanel.


    Choose the webhosting service which will gives backup your data regularly and in any emergency cases.
    Check the following
•    Server uptime
•    Reviews & Testimonials of service provider
•    Video Tutorials [Technical Support]


    Don’t Compromise with the price of web hosting service, if you want stability service for your website.

Terms & Conditions

    Completely read this! And know about renewal fees, plan upgrade fees and availability of discounts, payment methods to pay the services.

Do you need web hosting service?

    Off course! Any website need web hosting service. We will provide webhosting services with affordable prices for all business. For quote on webhosting services @ www.livws.com or sales@livws.com