Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a site in search Engine.
SEO is the combination both on page and off page optimization. In these days Every business man establishing a website for their business. They are searching for a best seo services for their web site. I suggest WWW.livws.com is the one of the finest providing SEO Services.

Search Engine Optimization Factors

The SEO services provided by the WWW.livws.com is

On Page Optimization:
                Keyword Analysis
                Competitive Analysis
                Meta Tag Creations
                Content Optimization
                Keyword Density
                URL Optimization
                Internal Navigation
Off Page Optimization:

                Directory submissions
                Social Bookmarking
                Classifieds Submissions
                Web2.0 Blogs creation
                Article Submission
                Press Release
                Blog Commenting
                RSS Feeds
                Video Marketing
                Forum Posting


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  1. A search engine optimization specialist has professional qualification and knows what things needs to be added and what things have to be removed to make the site favorable to search engines.

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  2. ON page and OFF page strategies are the basic methods to improve the keyword ranking and make a website position on Search Engine's top place.
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  3. ON page optimization and OFF page optimization are the major part of Search engine Optimization.So every website should be optimize by ON page and OFF page.Then only it would get the good place on Search Engine Result.
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