What is website? Why You Need it?

What is website?

    Essentially, a website is a place on World Wide Web, which contains combination of web pages. Usually web pages consists of information about a person, things, organization, etc…

What are Web pages?

    A Document on World Wide Web is called as webpage, it is identified by a unique URL [Uniform Resource Locator]. There are totally five types of web pages those are
•    Content page
•    Form Page
•    Gallery Page
•    Functional Page
•    Mixed Page

Content Page

    Web page with a description of a product or elaborating anything with small images which related to products on a webpage is called as content page.

Form Page

    A web page which consist submit button or which will take information to fetch a data or to get data is called as form page.

Gallery Page

    A web page which consists large images and videos of a product in a large amount is called as Gallery page.

Functional Page

    A web page which consist of functions like navigation of a menu which sub menu and its sub menu pages are called as functional pages

Mixed Page

    Combination of any two or three pages in a webpage is called as mixed page.

How much does it cost to a website?

It’s impossible to say that a web site will cost this much of cost. It will depends upon our Requirements of a website and functions of a website and technology that you need for your website.

Why you need a website?

    Many of people thinks that Do really they need a website? Off course every organization and company need a website for their business.

Advantages of having website

    There are many advantages on having a website for a business here you can find some Advantages of a website
•    24 Hours Availability
•    Improves Credibility
•    Target Wild Market
•    Cost effective

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