SEO On-Page Optimization and its Factors in Rankings

In Previous we discuss about SEO Off-Page Optimization and its Factors in Search engine rankings, today we are ready to know about SEO On-Page Optimization and its factors in Search engine rankings. Major things in On-Page SEO are 

•    Content
•    Title & Meta tags
•    URL Structure
•    Sitemaps & Robots.txt
•    Internal Linking

SEO On-Page Optimization and its Factors in Rankings


    Use always fresh and unique content in a webpage. Don’t copy content from any others, because search engine will always crawl your content and if you use original and unique content there are many chances to increase better search engine rankings. If you use any copy content then mention the source from where you are copied.

Title & Meta tags    

    Title and Meta tags are very important for your webpage, maintain proper page titles, Meta description and Meta keywords for each and every page of your website, If possible use header tags in your webpages, keywords in title and header tags will very useful to index your webpage quickly.

URL Structure

    Use the URL in proper way like try to put keywords in URL and avoid numeric and auto generated URL structure. By using keywords in URL it will increase visibility of your web page in search engine will increase.

Sitemaps & Robots.txt

    Sitemaps are most important in SEO On-Page. Generate your sitemaps [.xml] and keep updating with your webpage, sitemaps helps index you’re each and every webpage in major search engines and Robots.txt will also need for your website it will help critical index of your webpage.

Internal Linking

    Internal linking is nothing but linking your webpage with in your website it is also one of important factor in SEO On-page Optimization. Internal linking majorly work on two mays permanent redirection on content links. 
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