Ecommerce Website Checklist

What is Ecommerce?

Commonly E-Commerce is known as Electronic marketing. It’s a type of business module, which consists buying and selling products and services over electronic system by using internet.

Types of Ecommerce

•    B2B- Business to Business
•    B2C- Business to Customer
•    C2B- Customer to Business
•    C2C- Customer to Customer

Are you selling a products on your website? Before you going live your website, here few things you need to think about your ecommerce website, because ecommerce industry continuously growing up. The web is changing more quickly with emerging of new market trends. Here few most effective tips to increase your sells of your website and the check list to your ecommerce website. 

Web design & Development

Make sure your web site is responsive for all devices and keep it load as quickly as possible to give optimal experience to users.
Check thoroughly all your webpage
•    Home page
•    Landing page
•    Product listing page
•    Individual product page
•    Contact page
•    Terms & Policy page

Functionality of website

•    Page navigations
•    Product Category/ Subcategories
•    Accessibility
•    Compatibility
•    Links / Redirections
•    Performance


•    Meta Tags for all pages
•    Unique Product description
•    Optimized Images
•    Sitemap and Robots Execution
•    Usage of snippets
•    Product Comparison and Reviews


•    Social media integration
•    Social sharing for Products
•    Branding Pages and Blogs Creation


•    Payment Gateways
•    Product check outs
•    Wish list
•    Order conformation
•    Security Certificates

Why you need E-commerce website?

•    Digital market is faster than regular offline market
•    To access the global market
•    To increase visibility of your store
•    Allow customers to anywhere any time
•    Web influences almost half of offline market
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