SEO Tips to optimize Local Search Results

           From Recent algorithm updates of major search engines, the rules to display the search results has been changed. Optimizing for geographical market to target local audience is most important for Small and medium business. Here you can find some tips and factors which will effect local search results.

What is Local SEO?

Optimizing the Business Website to local search results, people who search for local business services. Whether it may be any service/ business within the target of certain geographical area you need to focus on Local SEO.

Reasons to Optimize for Local SEO

•    Major Search Engines are displaying Location Data in SERP
•    People Includes City/Regions when searching for services on the Web

Difference between Organic and Local Search Results

    Most of Major search engines will display Local and Organic search results when you search for service/ business. Local search results will appear top of SERP and Organic search results will appear below the Local search results.

On Business Websites it’s most important to optimize Key elements to local search are

Meta Tags

    There are three Meta-tags to optimize for Local search results they are
i.    Meta-Title
ii.   Meta-Description
iii.  Meta-Keywords
Include the City/Region of service that you provide in all Meta tags and using the geographical target location in webpage content, use the contact page and about-us page as per your target location

Different Locations? Different landing pages

    If you are giving services in multiple locations use multiple landing pages for each and every location use individual landing page and optimize it for geographical targeted keywords.

Schema and Structured data

    Schema and Structured data new tools for optimizing website for local search results, by using schema and structured data, we can optimize web pages to special tags and the meta-description which will display in search result.

SEO Local Listings

    Submit your business Webpage to local listings such as yelp, foursquare and create local business pages in Google local business and other social media pages. Complete fill total information about your business Such as timings and working days, local contact number, etc.…

Encourage User Response and Review

    Encourage customer response to product/ service which you will provide and also encourage reviews of your services it may be good or bad, because no one is perfect when consumer see all good reviews it may something went wrong on your service

Blogging & Social Media

    Increase your activity on your social media business pages and blogs of your business page, Social media engage rate also most important to get appear in Search Result.


All the above SEO techniques to improve local SEO results of a business webpage, although there are many other advanced strategies and techniques to improve local business. These are simplest ways to improve Local business results when we compared to other.


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