Effective Tips to choose web hosting

What is webhosting?

    Webhosting is a type of internet hosting service which makes you a website available on World Wide Web to the users.

How Webhost will work?

    To access a website on the World Wide Web, you need a domain and Webhosting service which will access a website to all over world.

Types of Webhosting

Mainly Webhosting services in four types

Free hosting

    Websites which need lees disk space and bandwidth are preferable like personal websites, blogs.
•    No need to pay
•    Limited space and band width
•    Adds
•    Less customer support

Shared hosting

    Webserver with shared resources and software’s, preferable like small business websites.
•    Less price
•    Easy to use
•    Shared Resources
•    Less flexibility

VPS Hosting

    Web server with no sharing, but resources of server are shared. Preferable for business which are having more than single website
•    Cost Effective
•    Easily Upgradable
•    Some resources are shred [Ram, CPU]
•    Need technical knowledge

Dedicated Hosting

    Hosting server will not share with anyone, complete server will devotes to your websites, preferable for companies and large business.
•    Dedicated IP Address
•    Complete Admin Access
•    Expansive
•    Require high technical knowledge

What to look before choose a webhosting


    Check the location of server before you choose, because it will impact on search engine result to load quickly. Choose sever location on targeting country.

Customer Support

    Make sure that the service provider support through live chat, phone, email, ticketing system and make it available as 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week to support


    Choose the features which your website need
•    Disk space and band width
•    Number of email accounts
•    Database [MYSQL, Access]
•    Programing Languages [PHP, Asp, .Net]

Type of Control panel

    Control panel will manage your hosting and website. Make sure it is easy interface to use like CPanel.


    Choose the webhosting service which will gives backup your data regularly and in any emergency cases.
    Check the following
•    Server uptime
•    Reviews & Testimonials of service provider
•    Video Tutorials [Technical Support]


    Don’t Compromise with the price of web hosting service, if you want stability service for your website.

Terms & Conditions

    Completely read this! And know about renewal fees, plan upgrade fees and availability of discounts, payment methods to pay the services.

Do you need web hosting service?

    Off course! Any website need web hosting service. We will provide webhosting services with affordable prices for all business. For quote on webhosting services @ www.livws.com or sales@livws.com

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