SEO is keep changing, a suitable Strategy plan for SEO 2015

SEO is keep changing dramatically, when we see 2014 Google announced many changes to their search algorithms, in other end its keep changing search results and organic search traffic. Now it’s time to build a new strategy plan for the year of SEO 2015, to improve our business and market. Before you start the plan for 2015, take a look on what trends in this year. Here we are listing some trends for the year of SEO 2015

Content is Still King

    How many times you may hear in digital marketing content is king? Well with changes in Google latest search engine algorithms also still content is king and long tail content may rule them all. Content marketing is still alive and focus on what your audience need and keywords in content is major factor, it will generate more profits to your business.

Be Responsible and be fast….

    We are talking about your website, is your website is Responsive? And what’s the load time of your Website? Google releases revolutionary aspects for small screen users like tablet and mobile users. If your website is not responsible for small screens don’t except better rank in search results, so be responsive for mobiles and be fast in website loading time.

Traditional links and be local

    To improve your search value in search engines, improve your local links like getting links from local directories and classifieds and etc… includes your address, phone numbers and Google local location to reach you, because to optimize your business to local areas it must important in the year of SEO2015.


Social media integration & Engaging

    Social media platforms and user engage rate like number of followers in each social media platform and the number of likes, shares, comments in posts is also important in latest SEO camping. Search engine algorithms are includes, social media factors to get better keyword rank in search engine.

Branded Marketing

    Mainly focus on branded marketing like brand mentions in everywhere and increase your links through more content like Creating Slides and Videos and visual content [Info graph] and use conventional content to readers. Build links from branded sites, use social media for sharing your content from every webpage. 

Negative SEO, off course any of your competitor my trying to down your rank from negative reviews and by using some other black hat techniques, so secure yourself from negative SEO. You can find SEO Services For your business Website For affordable price @ www.livws.com

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