Easy ways to increase backlinks of a blog

What is Back link?
An Incoming link to a website or blog is called as Back link. In the Search Engine Optimization process, back links will play a major role to get top position in Search engine.
How to Create Back links?
          Bloggers may create back links in many ways like using Social media and Social Bookmarking, blog commenting, etc.... Here you can find Some easy ways to build back links  
Article Submission
          Article Submission is one of the best ways to increase back links to websites. By submitting articles at article submission sites you may earn back links to website and you can get traffic to the website also.
          By Bookmarking articles on a website of bookmarking sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon, Digg, etc... you can increase back links to the website
          Creating free blogs like blog spot and WordPress, Weebly, etc... and blogging regularly, you may increase back links to the site by posting links in blogs as anchor text in the content of the blog

          By submitting website in relevant directories of a directory blogs also you can increase back links to the website. But relevant directory links will increase your link authority.  
          By participating in forums and group discussions of related category of forums you can increase back links to the website by Posting related information to the readers
Press Releases
          By writing press releases about yours related information and any service launches, Product releases, etc... By distributing press releases using PR release sites you can increase Back links to the web page.
Social Media
          By creating profiles on Major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest, etc... By posting links in Profile page, you can get back links to the blog and you may increase your brand popularity.
So Bloggers this is introduced to back links. By using these tips you may increase back links to the blog. I hope this may help to increase your back links, you can find SEO Services @ www.livws.com

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