Economic Webhosting

What is web hosting?
          To make a website available on world wide web. We have to store all our website data in one place called as a web server. Spacing website in web server is called as web hosting.
Economic Web hosting
If you are looking for Simple personal website or business website within the economic plan, then our economic web hosting will suite for you. We offer affordable, reliable plans for web hosting solutions.
Key Features of Economic Web hosting
Disk Storage
          The amount of storage provided to store your files on web hosting server is called disk storage. It will be used to store your text and images, audio, video, etc... We provide all ranges of storages to you like 1Gb, 2Gb and 5Gb, etc... the plan cost is differ with the amount of storage used by you.

          The amount of data that a website can transfer within a certain time limit is called as bandwidth. Bandwidth will determine the speed of a website. You are having more bandwidth mean your website will run quickly. In our economic plan you will find different bandwidths to your web pages.
          The percentage of web server running time is called as Up time. Our web servers are  having 99.99% Up time. It means your website Downtime will be Zero approximately.
Email Accounts/Sub domains
          Email Accounts are commonly provided by web hosting services, but it will be limited to a certain number, But in our economical web hosting you can get a number of email accounts how much you need and Sub domains of your domain also we are providing to our clients.
Operating System
          In our web hosting services you can choose your operating system on your choice of your business development. We are providing both Linux and Windows Hosting services.
Some Other Features
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Anti Spam/Anti Virus
Firewall Network
ASP Support
ASP .Net Support
PHP Support

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