All about Web Hosting Plans

What is Web Hosting?
          To make a website available on World Wide Web. We have to store all our website data in one place called as a web server. Spacing website in webserver is called as web hosting.

Types of Web Hosting Plans
Free Hosting
          Free Hosting Service will provide Major Web Hosting Companies. It will use full to run a website with a low budget. The Common features shared hosting will apply here. With less storage and Bandwidth  
Reseller Hosting
          Reseller Hosting – Shared Hosting
          In the Reseller hosting your web server Hardware and software will share with others. It is very less expensive compared to other hosting plans. It is preferable for all web sites. It’s having less reliable compared to other hosting servers.
VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server Hosting
VPS hosting is one of the web hosting services. In the service your web server will share with others, but not your software. It is less expensive compared through dedicated hosting. VPS Hosting is preferable for small business and who is having more than one website.
Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated hosting is the specialized hosting service. You will not share your server with anyone, the  whole server completely devoted to you and your websites. It will perform better than all other Hosting servers and most secure and reliable compared to other Hosting Servers.
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