Google Page Rank Factors

Does anyone know about Google page rank factors, May be yes or No. Google uses over 200 factors in ranking our websites. Here you can find Some of the important page rank factors of your website. Take a look at the factors which will affect your web page ranking.

Domain Factors
  • Domain Age
  • Keyword in Domain
  • Domain History
  • Domain Length

Page Level Factors
  • Keywords in title
  • Keywords in description
  • Keywords in Header tags
  • Keyword Density
  • Structure of URL
  • Page Loading Time
  • Links in page [Inbound/ Outbound link]
  • W3C Validations

Site Level Factors
  • Server Location
  • Use of tools [Webmaster/Analytic]
  • Site Updates
  • Number of pages
  • Contact information
  • Content in Site

Backlink Factors
  • Back link age
  • Linking Domain factors
  • Links from bad sites
  • Number of reciprocal links
  • Number of profile links
  • Quality of links

User Interaction
  • Organic Search Results
  • Number of comments
  • Direct Traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Number Of  Bookmarks

Algorithm Rules
  • As per Current algorithm rules
  • User search history
  • Local Searches
  • Image results

Social Media
  • Number of followers in social media
  • Number of likes and Shares in social media
  • Authority of Social profiles
  • Verified Authorships
  • User Interactions on social media

On-Off Site Web spam
  • Links to Bad Sites
  • Pop up ads [Distracting ads]
  • Selling links
  • UN natural Links
  • Content Spam


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