Tips To Follow While Making a Website

When you are designing / developing a website you have to follow some essential tips to leave your website long time. Selecting a domain name, Keywords, website design, search engine optimization  are some of the key ingredients of a good website.

Choose the right fonts / colors
          Use the simple and consistent fonts on your website, Using fancy fonts will appear in only some browsers and chances to break your webpage. Build your web page with the colors of your brand/company.use the appropriate colors which will suite for your design and business, Matching of colors must be good looking for the readers. 

          While using images in backgrounds try to be put attractive images or avoid using large background images, by taking large backgrounds it will effect on website load time. Don’t use text over a background image.

Load time
          Your web page must load in time for visitors. You should make them to available to it, there is no matter how many images and how much amount of text and data available on the web page the only thing is web page loading time.

          Use the navigation menu in every webpage. Maybe the visitor look around your website, So use the proper navigation on every web page and use the links in your text when there is a possibility to navigate other web page.  

Web Address
          Use the proper web address while making a webpage, avoid the numeric address and in proper URL. Check the links on website, if any broken links remove the broken links and the links your website must work.

  •        Link your social media to your website
  •      The web site must be mobile friendly
  •        Don’t put too much advertisement in your website
  •       Avoid flash in the web site
  •       Avoid popup messages
  •     Avoid automatic music / video plays
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